Rail/Intermodal Accessorial Charges

Driver Detention

Free Time Based on rate quoted
Charges $75/hr billed in 15-minute increments


Driver Labor (Assist, Unload, Tailgate)

Free Time No free time is given
Charges $75/hr


Driver Count

Free Time No free time is given
Charges At cost


Scale Charge

Charges At cost

Rail Storage

Charges Individually quoted per move

Per Diem

Free Time Origin = Drop Date + 2
Destination = Day of availability + 2
Charges Day 1-7 = $75/day  (Except CSXU Equipment)
Day 8-15 = $80/day  (Day 8+ $160/day)
Day 16+ = $100/day

Empty/Empty Termination

Free Time No free time is given
Charges $350/occurrence + any drayage charges to move the unit


Stop Off

Charges En route $75/stop - Out of route at cost


Multiple Stop Pick Ups

Free Time 1 hour free per stop


Customers will be given at least one week's notice of all changes in the fuel surcharge.

Customers will be notified at the time of occurances of applicable accessorial charges and any dispute of these charges must be immediate.

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