Truckload Accessorial Charges

Item 100 

$100 per truckload.  In cases that a lumper service is used, all legitimate charges will be billed to Consignor.
- Driver Loading/Unloading Charge


Item 200 - Stop-off Charge

$50 per stop-off, and will raise at an additional rate of $100 per stop for all additional for either partial loading or unloading with a maximum of five stop-offs allowed during any one move.


Item 300 - Temperature Control

$200 for protective service (heating or cooling), with a maximum of 72 hours before additional charges are accessed.


Item 400 - Minimum Charge 

$500 minimum truckload charge.

Item 500 - Third Party Billing 

When Consignor requests charges to be billed to a third party, payment must be guaranteed by Consignor.

Item 600 - Mileage Rates

All mileage rates are determined by PC Miler version 17.0, practical routing mode. When charges are determined by mileage, the confirmation, invoice and/or payment shall reflect the agreed mileage.


Item 700 - Excess Weight 

Maximum loading capacity must comply with all local, state and federal regulations. Consignor shall be responsible for all overweight tickets or fines incurred from mis-described Bills of Lading.


Item 800 - Truck Not Used

A charge of $1.65 per deadhead mile will be applicable from point of dispatch to pick-up point should cancellation of load occur after truck has been dispatched to load.  Minimum charge of $250.00.


Item 900 - Detention of Vehicles

Two hours of free time for loading and unloading are allowed.  A charge of $60.00 per hour, or 1/2 hour fraction thereof, will apply for all hours after allowable free time has elapsed, unless otherwise agreed upon.



Item 1000 - Hazardous Materials

An additional surcharge of $250.00 will apply to all hazmat truckloads.


Item 1100 - Team Driver Service

Any freight movement that requires Team Drivers, there will be an additional charge of $.25 per mile.


Item 1200 - Tolls 

Tolls will be reimbursed with original toll tickets.


Item 1300 - Lumper Charges

Lumper Charges will be reimbursed with legitimate receipts.


Note: All other rules and regulations relative to the transportation of goods, are governed by the National Classification (NMFC) 100 Tariff.

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